Charges have now been filed following a two-vehicle accident Sunday night in Camden County. The Missouri Highway Patrol says 44-year old Brad Vanantwerp of Lebanon was eastbound on Dry Hollow Road when he failed to yield, pulling out in front of a vehicle driven by 41-year old Sabina Alexander of Springfield. That caused a t-bone collision that sent Vanantwerp’s vehicle off the right side of the road, where it rolled over. Occupants in Vanantwerps vehicle, 37-year old James Helm, 35-year old Martha Sadler, and 47-year old Bobbie Taylor have been arrested for possession of drugs including prescription pills, pot, and methamphetamine. Vanantwerp suffered minor injuries and fled the scene. Alexander also received minor injuries. The accident occurred on Highway 5 at Dry Hollow Road at 6:15 Sunday evening.