There are major changes coming to the Women, Infants, and Children program in Laclede County by the end of March. Laclede County Health Department Administrator, Charla Baker, provided the Board of Trustees with an update on those changes during Thursday night’s board meeting……

The changes will streamline, and shorten, the amount of time it took to redeem the paper vouchers in the store. More information on those changes can be found in the video on the department’s Facebook page and website.

Board members also selected a company to provide audit services for the years 2016, 2017, and 2018. Baker told the board that two bids were received………..

The board voted to accept the bid from McBride, Lock, and Associates over the bid from K-P-M Associates. The bid from McBride, Lock, and Associates came in at 6-thousand dollars, which was 3-thousand dollars lower than the bid from K-P-M.

Board members were also given an update on the Food Service Establishment Ordinance. Baker told the board that 10 businesses have failed to comply with those regulations……..

The department could begin closing those ten businesses who have failed to comply by this weekend. To avoid being shut down, those businesses need to have the proper paperwork submitted as soon as possible.

Board members also discussed meeting with the Laclede County Commission and Lebanon City Council to inquire about putting an ordinance in place that would require those who work in a food service establishment to have a Hepatitis A vaccination. Baker says the department is also in the beginning stages of offering Hepatitis A vaccinations to residents and employees of the Laclede County Jail………

Hepatitis A is contracted by getting fecal matter from an infected person in your mouth and is prevalent among drug users. In 2019, there were at least 11 confirmed cases of Hepatitis A in Laclede County. Board members also approved the Fiscal Year 2020 budget and the 2020 schedules during Thursday night’s meeting.