According to Laclede County Fair Board President Glenn Raef(Rafe), the carnival associated with this year’s Laclede County Fair has agreed to arrive early and start rides on Saturday, July 4th and continue nightly through Saturday, July 11th. The Carnival also will have food and games available on July 4th and 5th before the fair begins! Additionally, the Carnival was not originally planned for a Monday night opening on July 6th but will now be there and open from 6 pm to 10 pm. According to Raef, the Carnival will operate 6 p to 10p nightly and the ride all the rides Wristband pricing for the Carnival is as follows:
Saturday July 4: $15
Sunday July 5: $15
Monday July 6: $15
Tuesday July 7: $15
Wednesday July 8: $15
Thursday July 9: $12 (family/kids night)
Friday July 10: $15
Saturday July 11: $15
Tickets for the carnival can be sold separately for $1 a piece, but it takes multiple tickets to ride a ride.