Camdenton License Office Up for Bid

The Missouri Department of Revenue has announced they will start accepting bids for someone to operate the Camdenton License Office. Starting on April 10, the Missouri Department of Revenue will start accepting bids from interested groups or individuals who wish to operate the Camdenton License Office located at 108 Cecil Street, Suite H. Bidders must have an active federal employer identification number. The Missouri Department of Revenue, through the Office of Administration, is posting an RFP for the Camdenton License Office contract, since the current contract is close to expiring. Interested bidders have approximately 10 business days to submit their proposal for the operation of the license office in the competitive bid process, as outlined in the RFP. Interested bidders can request a schedule tour for the business, and for bid response instructions visit Missouri’s statewide electronic procurement system, MissouriBUYS.