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Camdenton considers Tiny House in planning and zoning

The question of whether or not to establish an ordinance to allow tiny houses in the City of Camdenton, is being discussed by the Zoning and Planning Commission. Among the requirements being considered is minimum electric service requirements, hooking up to city water and sewer, the type of bathroom and kitchen facilities, and being able to pass city building inspections. Community Development Director Dennis Croxton said they are considering prohibiting tiny houses in R1 residential, and allowing them to be in RS2 or RS 3 with a conditional use permit. If the city does allow tiny houses, it could address the issue of having affordable housing available…

Another requirement being considered is a tiny house would have to be on a permanent foundation. If it has wheels it would have to be parked in an RV Park or a Mobile Home park. The Zoning and Planning Commission will take up discussion again during the March 11th meeting, after which a recommendation will be made to the Camdenton Board of Aldermen.

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