Those who use the parks and recreation facilities in Camdenton will be paying a little bit more. On Tuesday night, the Camdenton Board of Aldermen voted to approve a new fee schedule as recommended by staff. City Administrator Jeff Hooker tells us that the increase will go into effect immediately…



The concessions items cost will increase about 25 cents. At the Aquatic Center, the rate for an adult 1 day pass will increase to $5-dollars, the annual pass will increase to $100 for adults, and the annual family of 4 rate will increase to $200. There were no fee’s for using the Shelters, but that has changed with reservation fee’s for a large shelter being $10 for 4 hours, up to $25 for 12 hours. Small shelter rental will cost $5 for 4 hours, up to $20 for 12 hours. There are also rates in place for use of the ball fields and group tennis lessons. The city believes the increase will help them recoup some of the deficit that they have been experiencing for parks operations. For full details on the rate increases for use of Camdenton Parks facilities, contact the parks department or check the city of Camdenton website.