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Camden County Man Charged With Forgery

The Camden County Prosecutors office has charged a 55-year old Roach resident with three counts of forgery. According to court records filed today, 55-year-old Eric William Sutton, on three different dates, this year sent documents by e-mail purporting to be from a medical doctor. The documents asked the court to excuse Sutton from court dates for a “broken nose and lacerations”, “head and face broken,” and the fact Sutton was allegedly “scheduled for surgery.”

An investigator with the Camden County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office contacted the doctor from whom the e-mails purported to be sent and confirmed the doctor did not, in fact, send such e-mails. Camden County Prosecuting Attorney Caleb Cunningham requested a no bond warrant on Sutton as Sutton has generated forged documents and presented them to the court system to avoid dates.

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