Camden County Contractor Charged For Stealing

A contractor from Camden County has been charged and is currently being sought for theft.

According to court documents, in January of 2022, a general contractor involved in a home construction project in Camdenton entered into a contract with a 39-year-old individual named Jacob Byler to provide construction materials.

On June 2, 2023, the contractor informed Camden County detectives that Byler had submitted invoices amounting to $198,000, which he had been paid for. However, it was discovered that some of the materials listed in those invoices were never delivered or were based on fraudulent and invalid claims.

Detectives determined that the contractor had paid Byler $28,300 for never received materials. Furthermore, the contractor had paid Byler $1,700 for soffit and fascia materials that were never delivered and $5,600 for electrical contractor services that were never provided.

Prosecutors have filed charges against Byler for stealing an amount exceeding $25,000. A warrant for his arrest was issued Tuesday.