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Call Center could remedy overwhelmed Police Dispatch during power outage

When there is a severe weather situation or widespread power outage in Lebanon, the City is overwhelmed with calls from utility customers. Such was the case on May 4th when straight line winds knocked down power poles and lines across the city. Public Works Director Richard Shockley made a presentation to Lebanon City Council on Monday night for a possible utility call center. He said one of the Council goals was to move utility dispatch away from the Police Department…

He said with a Utility Call Center they will have a dedicated number that everyone will call when there is a utility issue, instead of people calling City Hall, Public Works, and staff directly. After reviewing proposals from different companies, Shockley said they will be recommending a company based in Minnesota called Cooperative Response Center, which is the same company that Laclede Electric Cooperative uses. The full proposal and ordinance will be before Lebanon City Council at an upcoming meeting.

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