Burglary investigation leads to drug charges and recovery of stolen medication

An investigation into a burglary report at a residence in Seymour, has led to the recovery of pills stolen from a pharmacy and felony drug charges against a woman from Seymour. Seymour police responded to the call on June 3rd and met with 29 year old Melissa Stoneking, who appeared to the under the influence of a controlled substance, and said that her boyfriend was in her home and she wanted him out. Officers didn’t find anyone inside the home. Stoneking reportedly gave the officer permission to search her vehicle, where they found a zip lock bag that contained an unlabeled pill bottle that contained counterfeit $100 bills. They also located pills that were identified as a controlled substance. During a search inside the home officers seized methamphetamine, additional baggies of pills that contained controlled substances and other prescription medication. Stoneking said that she knew the pills had been stolen from a pharmacy in Springfield. Stoneking is charged with 3 counts of possession of a controlled substance and is currently free on bond.