(Fort Leonard Wood)–Given this morning’s single-digit temperatures, what will the water temperature be in the lake at Training Area 250 next Saturday, February 22nd? That is important to the people who plan to take part in the annual “Bold in the Cold” plunge in the water by the post’s Better Opportunities for Single Service Members program.
Registration is now open to the Bold in the Cold event, which will be held at 10 a-m on February 22nd. Entry is free, but registration is required and is open until the day of the event. Registration can be completed from 11 a-m to 1:30 p-m Monday through Friday and from noon to 3 p-m Saturdays and Sundays at BOSS Corner, located in Building 496 at the corner of Constitution and Replacement Avenues. Registration can also be completed in person at Davidson Fitness Center, or online at leonardwood.armymwr.com.
Awards will be given out for “Best Team Theme,” “Best Couple,” and the “Individual with the Most Moxie.”