Blue Scholarships for the future of law enforcement

Governor Mike Parson is once again calling on law makers to support the Missouri Blue Scholarship Program funding. The scholarship is designed to help attract Missourian’s to a career in law enforcement. The Missouri Blue Scholarship program was first announced in October and according the State Representative Jeff Knight, has already been utilized and he fully supports the funding…

The scholarships, administered by the Missouri Department of Public Safety, are awarded on a first come, first served basis to pay for law enforcement training academy tuition. In the program’s first year, 169 recruits received the maximum $5,000 scholarship and 48 received scholarships ranging up to $4,953. Missouri Blue Scholarships can be combined with other student aid programs. Parson is asking the General Assembly to approve $175,000 to fund an additional 35 full scholarships in the current fiscal year. Currently, there are more than 30 applicants awaiting scholarship approvals.