The 14th Annual Lieutenant General Robert B. Flowers Best Sapper Competition will begin this Saturday at Fort Leonard Wood with events taking place through Tuesday, May 4th. Over 50 two-person teams are signed up to take part in the competition which tests knowledge, training, and endurance to find out which team is selected to receive the honor of Best Sapper.
Five sapper teams from Fort Leonard Wood have signed up for the competition. They include Sergeant First Class Timothy Wolber, Junior, and Staff Sergeant Tyler Adams of the 5th Engineer Battalion…First Lieutenants Zachary Beavor and Andrew Walther of the 5-54th Engineer Battalion…Staff Sergeants Cody St. Germain and Rafael J. Agosto of the 35th Engineer Battalion…Captains Gilbert Vazquez and Casey Trias of the 5-54th Engineer Battalion…and First Lieutenants Silas Martinez and Elliott Herman of the 5th Engineer Battalion.
The community is offered live viewing opportunities at 8 o’clock Monday morning of the X-Mile event and at 11 o’clock Tuesday morning of the awards ceremony.