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Bears on the Move

The Camdenton Police Department reports receiving calls on Tuesday morning about a bear roaming in yards near Iowa Street and Camden Avenue. Officers responded to the area and found that the bear had made its way toward Business Highway 5 and 54 and then crossed HaHa Tonka Road. According to the Police Department, the bear showed no sign of aggression, and it appears that it was just passing through.

This year black bear sightings are up in Missouri. Laura Conlee with the Conservation department explains why.

The Conservation Department says Missouri’s bear population has been increasing at a rate of about 9% each year, and the state is now home to about 800 black bears.

If you see a bear on your property, you’re advised to stay calm and go inside or get into your vehicle. Call law enforcement and let them know where you see the bear. Stay away from the bear, and don’t try to get close to take pictures or videos. When it’s safe to do so, remove all food sources like garbage or pet food inside and remove bird feeders.

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