With more time spent at home these days, now is the best time to make sure you have the proper preparedness kit and plan for your family in case of severe weather, and you become sheltered inside through a storm. The American Red Cross wants to remind everyone that, its important to prepare your home and family in the event of severe storms or tornadoes. Angie Springs is a spokes person for the American Red Cross and she offers tips of safety and planning.

Angie mentions cash being important in times of power outages in case credit machines and power are down. Be sure and identify a safe place in your home where household members and pets will gather and be safe during a storm. In a High-rise or apartment building, pick an interior hallway or hallway in the center of the building. If you’re in a mobile home park, find its nearest shelter room.

A common misunderstanding in severe weather is the difference in a WATCH and a WARNING, Angie Springs explains,

So remember a Watch means there is potential for severe weather and Warning means it is happening and to seek shelter immediately. for more information and tips on Sever Weather Preparedness,
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