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Bauman Spends Weekend in Laclede County Jail

Leigh Ann Bauman

A motion filed by Camden County Prosecutor Caleb Cunningham to revoke the bond of Leigh Ann Bauman of Lake Ozark was denied by 26th Circuit Judge Kenneth Hayden on Friday. Bauman was ordered by the judge to spend the weekend in the Laclede County Jail in Lebanon as a sanction for violating her bond. Bauman, a Lake Ozark Realtor, is accused of attempting to hire a hitman to kill her former mother-in-law.

Bauman had tested positive for THC, a psychoactive chemical that’s found primarily in cannabis products,  and it was detected as part of a drug test stipulated by her bond agreement. Bauman says she has a prescription for cannabis from a doctor in St. Louis. This is the second time prosecutors have asked the court for bond revocation, last time, she was arrested for allegedly ordering gifts to be sent to her daughter for her fourteenth birthday — specifically balloons, a candy bouquet, and a gift card to Starbucks. Prosecutors say this was a violation of a protection order for her children in Miller County which led to a violation of her bond in Camden County.

Prosecutors say, Leigh Ann Bauman, 43, of Lake Ozark, believed her former mother-in-law was interfering with her relationship with her children and agreed to pay $1,500 to have her killed and make the death “look like an accident.”

According to a probable cause statement, Bauman told the witness her ex-mother-in-law was the reason there was a strain in Bauman’s relationship with her daughter.

The jury trial is set to begin next year.

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