Batting Cages Coming to Atchley Park Soon

If you are a fan of baseball or softball you are going to be thrilled about a new batting cage coming to Atchley Park. The batting cage is going to be in remembrance of a young boy named Jaden Conner who passed away at a young age and his mom donated money to the park in his honor. The cage will be called the Jaden Conner Memorial Batting Cage. The Park department already has gotten the cage which is usually the most difficult part. At the Park Board meeting this afternoon the Board accepted a bid for Willard Concrete to Pour concrete where the batting cage will be. Park Director John Shelton is hopeful the asphalt is poured soon.

Shelton says that their will be two batting cages and they will both be put up once the concrete is poured.

The park is also implementing a Jaden Conner Bench that will be installed in a year.