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Authorities Tight-Lipped on Rainwater Investigation

As rumors continued to flood social media over the weekend, authorities are remaining tight-lipped about a missing woman and two suspects from Windyville now under arrest.

Law enforcement agencies have been searching for 33-year-old Cassidy Rainwater for several weeks. Investigators said two men held Rainwater in a cage on Moon Valley Road near Lebanon.

Authorities say no one has seen Cassidy Rainwater since July.

Two weeks ago, FBI investigators from Kansas City got an anonymous tip that someone was holding Rainwater in a cage on some property near Lebanon. Authorities arrested 58-year old James Phelps and later 56-year old Timothy Norton, who was staying on the Phelps property.

Dallas County Prosecutor Jonathan Barker has charged the two men with felony kidnapping. Investigators found photos on Phelps’ cell phone showing a woman partially nude and in a cage. Investigators said Norton admitted he helped Phelps to restrain Rainwater.

To keep the suspects separated, Phelps is being held in the Dallas County Jail in Buffalo and Norton in the Greene County Jail in Springfield. Both are being held without bond and have hearings scheduled for Tuesday.

Anyone who has information on the case is asked to call local law enforcement.

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