Army Comes Through With Promised Money For New Housing At Fort Leonard Wood

Missouri U-S Senator Josh Hawley announced on Wednesday that the Army has now delivered $41.49 million for new family housing at Fort Leonard Wood. This follows Senator Hawley’s repeated demands that overdue investment in families’ homes be made and a commitment by the Army to deliver these funds.
Hawley says, “Fort Leonard Wood’s military families lead a life of service and deserve homes that meet their basic needs. I’m glad to see the Army finally delivering on their promise to replace all aging homes on the base. I urge the Army to ensure that the additional $50 million in promised funding for FY2024 is delivered on time.”
Senator Hawley has long advocated for improved family housing at Fort Leonard Wood and has pressed the Army to deliver on its pledge to replace all military housing on the base.
Last December, Senator Hawley announced the Army had committed to spending $41.4 million in FY2023 and another $50 million in FY2024 for new housing at Fort Leonard Wood. Senator Hawley sent letters to the Secretary of the Army in March and October demanding that the Army meet its own deadline in delivering $41.4 million to Fort Leonard Wood by the end of FY2023.