Another assault suspect arraigned in Camden County

A California Missouri man was arraigned in Camden County Court on Tuesday for the August 2023 assault in which he and several other men are accused of severely beating the victim. Ramiro Aguilar Garcia is charged with a class A Felony Assault after he and at least 3 other suspects allegedly jumped the victim hitting him repeatedly and kicking him while he was on the ground and unconscious. According to the report, Garcia and the other suspects followed the victim for 11 miles and then got out at a residence in Camdenton where the alleged assault happened. Today, Garcia entered a plea of not guilty. Currently, the trial dates for two other suspects have been set to take place this year. The trial date for John Brennan Jame Richardson has been set for October 2024 and the trial date for Jonathan Ortiz Gopar is set for June 2024.