A political or a legal battle is being fought out in Maries County

A political or a legal battle, however you view it, is being fought out in Maries County between the County Sheriff and the Mayor of Belle. According to a Facebook post from Maries County Sheriff Chris Heitman, charges have been filed against Belle Mayor Daryl White, Junior, for stealing and official misconduct. “White will be giving a court date to appear before the judge by the clerk’s office,” reads the post. It continues, “This investigation is still ongoing and I expect it to last several months. My office is obtaining additional subpoenas for possible additional evidence of criminal activity. We seized a lot of financial records and it will take awhile to go through them all.”
One person commented on the posting by calling it “a third grader romper room attitude over politics on who is going to be sheriff in this county when we have real crime in this county not being taken care of like drugs and stealing.”