573 area code must dial 10 digits starting February 24th

In the late ’50s and ’60s, the telephone prefix for Waynesville and St. Robert was the same, 774, which stood for Prospect 4. Crocker’s prefix was Regent 6, or 736, Dixon’s was Skyline 9, or 759, and Richland was Porter 5, or 765. Then, area codes were introduced, making it necessary to dial the original 7 digits for calls placed to another area code. Beginning February 24th, all local calls made within Missouri’s 573 area code must be placed using 10 digits. The change is due to Missouri’s new 235 area code. Medical alert devices and security systems must also be programmed to use the full 10-digit dialing. Existing customers with a 573 area code will not lose or have to change their phone number. The new area code will be given to customers in the 573 region who request new service or additional phone lines. The 573 area code covers most of the eastern half of Missouri outside of the immediate St. Louis area. In theory, it could be possible that your neighbor would have a 235 area code to dial if he or she is a customer who requests new service or additional phone lines. Be sure to change some of the phone numbers you have saved on your cell phone. It all begins on Saturday, February 24th.