54 Missouri Republican Delegates Rejected by the National Republican Party

The national Republican Party has rejected Missouri’s slate of 54 delegates to this month’s presidential convention. The move comes after a complaint was filed by two delegates to the state convention, which was held in Springfield two months ago. According to the Missouri Independent, the event was rife with chaos and that the delegates selected were not properly credentialed.

The original slate of 54 candidates for delegate slots was replaced after a rule change that favored newer “grassroots” convention goers named “The Truly Grassroots for Trump.”

They also elected Sophia Shore as convention chair, who happens to be campaign manager for Bill Eigel, who’s running for governor. Eigel was among the rejected delegates, along with fellow gubernatorial contender Jay Ashcroft. Meanwhile, the Republican National Committee has given the Missouri GOP until 5-PM Friday to select new delegates to the presidential convention.
This statement from the Missouri GOP:
” The Republican National Committee issued a ruling that the delegation elected at our state convention was invalid due to procedural issues. The decision was made solely by the RNC Committee, and the Missouri Republican Party had no involvement in this determination. To address this situation promptly and effectively, we (MOGOP) have been directed by the RNC to convene an emergency Executive Committee meeting to elect a new slate of delegates and alternates by Friday at 5:00pm Eastern Time. We understand the urgency and importance of this matter and are working diligently to ensure that all proper procedures are followed within the constrained deadline. While this process unfolds, we (Missouri Republican Party) remain focused on selecting a delegation that will represent Missouri well at the RNC”