Here are our Boys and Girls All-Stars


Waynesville’s Rayshaun Fowler and Coach Chris Pilz
Waynesville’s Coach Mike Clutts and Breonna Hurd
Versailles Coach Josh Walters and Ryder Williams
Stoutland’s Will Morrow and Coach Joe Nicholson
Stoutland’s Raegen Henry and Coach Alex Nicholson
St. Elizabeth’s Ella Lucas
Skyline’s Kenzi Cheek, Coach Kevin Cheek, and Ashlen Garrett
Rolla’s Resa Martin, Coach Charley Parker, and Willow Gideon
Rolla’s John Papadakos, Coach Mark Miller, and Ethan Brown
Richland’s Coach Brandon Robinson and Mallory Moss
Plato’s Breanna Couch and Coach Chris Couch
Niangua’s Clayton Henderson, Coach Kalem Copling, and Ethan Scheetz
Newburg’s Coach Kobe Wands and Colten Pound
Newburg’s Coach Courtney Bryant and Mary Rosa
Marshfield’s Abby Mc Bride, Coach Katie Pritchard, and Lauren Luebbert
Mack’s Creek’s Jose Cortez and Coach Jeff Treat
Mack’s Creek Addison Ratliff, India Willis, Brooklyn Duggan and Coach Ron Duggan
Licking’s Coach Phillip Gambill, subbing for Coach Steve Rissler) and Allee Hock
Lebanon’s Wyatt Carr, Coach Ryan Toombes, and Caleb Ray
Lebanon’s Coach Brian Decker and Bodie Cox
Laquey’s Ryder Martin and Coach Mark Farley
Laquey’s Alexis Shelton and Coach Brittany Matlock
KJEL’S Kevin Stubblefield Interviews Girls Coach of the Year Kevin Cheek of Skyline
KJEL’S Kevin Stubblefield Hands Girl Player of the Year Plaque To Breonna Hurd of Waynesville
KJEL’s Kevin Stubblefield Hands Boy Player of the Year Plaque to Ryder Williams
Iberia Alexa Rowden and Coach Mike Austin
Hartville’s Grant Culver, Coach Brett Reed, and Jalon Cryer
Hartville’s Coach Kailey Morris and Jenna Kelley
Hartville Boys Coach Brett Reed Being Interviewed by KJEL’s Kevin Stubblefield
Eldon’s Sydney Alderman and Coach Isaiah Rhine
Dixon’s Drew Young and Coach Logan Ray
Crocker’s Lexi Ament and Coach Tom Bildner
Crocker’s Jackson Burney, Coach Steve Scholfield, and Adam Newton
Conway’s Tyler Vaughn and Coach Matt Wilson
Conway’s Coach Matt Wilson and Arianna Hughes
Buffalo’s Coach Kyle Galowski and Blair Abraham

Bolivar’s Carly Cribbs and Coach Ben Glasgow

Licking’s Austin James – Coach Phillip Gambill – Keyton Cook