2 Special Road Districts seek judgment on special tax levy

Lebanon Special Road District and Phillipsburg Special Road District were in court this week to try to get a solution that would allow them to collect special Road and Bridge levy’s that were passed by voters in April 2022. An oversite led to neither special tax levy being submitted to the Missouri State Auditor and the special levies didn’t get entered. According to the petition for a declaratory judgment, in December, Lebanon Special Road District submitted an amended Pro Forma after which the levy was certified, and Phillipsburg Special Road District submitted, and the special levy was certified in January 2023. Both entities are now asking the court to order the County Collector to add a line item to the 2023 tax bill, which would allow the 2022 special tax levies to be collected. A hearing date for a declaratory judgment has been set for October 3rd with Judge Matthew Hamner presiding.