The Joel E. Barber board of education met last night at the school, and recognized the work of first, second and reading recovery teachers. Barber Principal, Amy Cogdill emphasized the importance of those teachers developing the love of learning in their students during the early years of their education. The board also heard about upcoming fund raising events including the possibility of moving the annual spring carnival to the fall months. Barber Superintendent, Rachelle Jennings also proposed to the board that the district do more recruiting for personnel and discussed some of the obstacles facing the district in recruitment. Although the board has not approved next years calendar, Jennings says the 4 day school week is very attractive to teacher recruits. Board President, Bob Hall, is very happy with how the school year is progressing, especially with new administrators and a board that is working well together for the benefit of the students and staff. Attendance at the school remains around 94.4 percent and the school now has an enrollment of 447 students, up from 438 last month.